A secret…


As you may have noticed, I took a long and luxurious break from posting – the reason for which has been that we have been busying ourselves with the most wonderful and exciting secret. Of course, for some of you this won’t be a surprise as we’ve been sprinkling our news little by little over the past few weeks and months…





We’re so ridiculously excited – a tiny version of Jack and me is going to arrive in our world – though it has been a little roller coaster so far. I have had first trimester nausea quite severe, so much so that sitting at my PC for long periods of time had me keeling over and flopping all over poor Jack. Ditto the intense fatigue that I can liken only to constantly feeling the worse kind of jet lag. Surviving 13 hour shifts has been the steepest learning curve, though I’m thankful that the majority of people I’ve worked with have been understanding! (Perks of being a student midwife, ha.) Thankfully, we’re well into the second trimester, and I’ve been feeling a lot better as a result!



Here are the answers to the questions that everybody asks:

Due date – We’re due in December (!).
Cravings – The coffee lover in me that once was has disappeared for the next few months, and I have a renewed vigour to eat gherkins for breakfast, lunch and dinner. See also, cherry tomatoes by the dozen and bran flakes.
Gender – We’re having a surprise, guesses are welcome (currently stalwart supporters of girl are 1 and staunch believers of boy are 5!).
Planning – The pregnancy was both planned and unplanned… We’ve discussed starting a family at length, but the positive pregnancy test was the most wonderful surprise.
Names – We have ideas, but we haven’t made any decisions yet (and we’re not sharing the ideas, ha!).



Phew! Feels pretty good to get that out there, finally!

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