A tentative hello.


Greetings from a little sunny window in March! I’ve been putting off trying to start things back up here until I “have the time” but it’s starting to dawn on me that, that’s unlikely to happen any time soon… Make the time I must!


Tomorrow, Arthur is 3 months old (!) and a lot has happened between when I last posted and now. I’m not going to get into any of those things right now – I just wanted to say hello, I’m back, and I’m going to start posting again. My PC time is a little limited right now, but thanks to a newfangled phone, I think I can probably manage to do a little bit of writing on my new and exciting WordPress app. Modern technology, eh?



As always, there are photos in abundance on Flickr and Instagram, as well as the fact that I’m now posting at least one story a day on Instagram, too! (Though you do have to have an Instagram account to see those – but there are lots of Arthur, if I can tempt you!)


Hope you’re all keeping well (and if you’re in the UK, that you enjoyed rather than despised the recent bout of snow!). It’s good to be back!

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