A Year of Self-Portraits #8


There we have it, an eighth year of consecutive, daily self-portraits. Here are the “top 8” photos (as determined by Flickr) that I’ve taken for my self-portraiture project in the past year…


Day 5, Year 8.



Day 27, Year 8.



Day 28, Year 8.



Day 47, Year 8.



Day 114, Year 8.



Day 133, Year 8.



Day 200, Year 8.



Day 283, Year 8.


As you may well be aware, I’ve not actually finished uploading my photos from year eight yet, but they are all taken (and mostly edited!). Each year I struggle to get up-to-date with my uploads after Christmas, but due to university I’ve struggled a fair amount since September..! Hopefully they’ll be uploaded soon, but to see the rest of the self-portraits I took throughout the year that are already uploaded, please have a look at the set on Flickr… Here’s to year nine!


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