One month ago today our wonderful, perfect son was born.


It already feels like he has been here with us for months and months, and simultaneously that it was just yesterday that we drove back here and showed him around his home for the first time.



Our birth story started on the Wednesday morning when I told Jack I’d felt a little bit uncomfortable during the night but felt fine when our alarm clocks went off that morning. He decided to work from home, which at the time I thought wasn’t at all necessary… But then a slow day gave way to mild contractions in the evening. By the early hours of Thursday morning they had become so intense that we called the hospital – we were admitted at 03:00 on the Thursday and Arthur arrived at 13:57. The most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen.


We’re taking each and every day as it comes right now. We’ve been very lucky because Jack has been able to take a few weeks off of work, teamed with both Christmas holiday and paternity leave – he goes back to work at the end of this week. I can’t imagine having navigated all of these sleepless nights, the complications of breastfeeding and emotional minefield that is postnatal life without him. Being able to have so much time just the three of us, all getting to know each other, has been a blessing. Not to mention having a pretty magical Christmas – I mean, Jack and I got the best Christmas present in the world, after all.



I expect life on this blog to be a little slow for a while, but I’ll be trying to post photos to Flickr regularly, once we get into a vague semblance of a routine..! I hope you’ve all had a marvelous Christmas and New Year.


Here’s to a magnificent 2018!

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