Behind the Scenes at the Natural History Museum


I have many blog-related plans for the hundreds of photographs that I took whilst both volunteering and working at the Natural History Museum in London. Unfortunately, because I have so many exciting plans for them, I never get round to actually making posts with in! I did post about Entomological Curation way back in February last year, but that’s been about it on the museum photography. I have decided that instead of waiting for all of the perfect blog posts to write themselves, I’m going to select a few of my favourites and post them now, rather than never!






Some of these are already available on Flickr, but a few are new to the internet (!) so if you think you’ll have seen them all before, think again! They are taken over the whole span of my time volunteering and working, so some are from as far back as 2008…







And lastly, here I am using a fine specimen as a disguise…




This is a tiny selection of the large collection of photos I have amassed from my time spent at the museum, so expect a few more of these posts to come! Including, of course, the post I have promised about the weevils collected by Oldřich Voříšek. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my view of the entomology department!


Banner image: Many Hands Make Light Work.


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