Best of 2016.


Howdi folks! After the radio silence that is the Christmas holidays, I’m gearing up to greet the exciting new year that is steathily creeping round the corner… As such, it’s time to do a round-up of photos from 2016.

Here are my “most interesting” photos taken in 2016, as decided by Flickr…

Day 69, Year 9.


Day 318, Year 8.


Day 44, Year 9.


Day 56, Year 9.


Day 202, Year 9.


And here are my personal favourites…


Day 29, Year 9.


Day 57, Year 9.


Day One Hundred and Seventy / Year Five.


Day Two Hundred and Three / Year Five.


Day Two Hundred and Thirty / Year Five.


Day 238, Year 9.


Day 273, Year 9.


Day 253, Year 9.


I made a whole set of favourites from 2016, for anyone inclined to have a peruse – just click here.


Jack and I are holed up at with Rob, Lauren and Laurence and have been having a lovely time over the past few days. We’ve played a whole host of board games and PC games (including some new and some old), eaten many a delicious morsel and had a good taste of cocktails, mulled wine, mead and other scrumptious things. I’m feeling pretty content; this feels like a good state of play to see 2017 in with!


I hope that you have a marvelous evening tonight, whatever you’re up to, and that you say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017 with a smile on your face and goodness in your heart. Take care my lovelies!


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