Biggest Challenge


Today’s photo prompt for #Lovetober was “Biggest Challenge”. It took me a long time to get going with this theme, as I couldn’t decide on a challenge to depict, let alone how to depict it…


In the end, I decided to choose eight challenges as separate scanographs, and then create eight additional scanographs depicting another challenge, and create a mosaic of all sixteen images. Sounds a little complicated, right? Hopefully the following images should help explain…



Challenge #1 – The Badger Set. You may be aware that my friend Caroline and I set up an online business selling jewellery from Etsy. We have since stopped trading (boo!) but it was definitely a challenge setting our shop up, designing (and creating) our jewellery and then selling it, too.



Challenge #2 – Being healthy. I’m trying really hard not to eat too much crap at the moment, and have been working hard to go swimming at least once a week, and do various cardio exercises every day. Definitely a challenge!



Challenge #3 – Confidence. I’ve come miles in this area, my current job and aspirations are testaments to this fact, too. The only way I could think to depict confidence through scanographs (!) was to illustrate my “individualty” – being confident enough to display the things I love and believe in/are important to me.



Challenge #4 – Becoming a student midwife. This is my biggest challenge and biggest dream right now!



Challenge #5 – Becoming a carer. This was an enormous challenge for me, and if I’m honest, it still is! My day-to-day work is always challenging, but I am really happy in my job right now (both because and despite of the challenges!). (Again, a difficult thing to depict, so I chose my DBS form!)



Challenge #6 – Deciding to have laser eye surgery. It was a big, scary decision to have laser eye surgery, but I did it and I’m ever so pleased! It has definitely improved my life and I think it’s great. Hurrah!



Challenge #7 – Learning to sew. One of my goals this year was to get crafty in non-photographic ways… Sewing has probably been the biggest part of this, and I’ve really enjoyed doing it.



Challenge #8 – Driving. If you don’t know, I dislike driving a lot. A hell of a lot. Doing it regularly is a big challenge for me due to this, but I’m obviously grateful for the freedom and chances that come with doing it.



The challenge in eight parts? Representing my photography, of course! Whilst I enjoy doing my daily 365 projects (I’d be a fool for carrying them on so long if I didn’t..!), they are a bit of a burden from time to time. When I’ve had an exhausting day and just want to jump into bed when I get home, I have to force myself to take my photographs before doing so. Again, I’m thrilled to carry on my projects, and it’s always amazing to realise how far I’ve come with both my projects and my photography (2437 days of self-portraits you guys, whoah!).



…. And finally, the finished mosaic!


Hope you enjoyed this peek into my (rather scatty!) process of me creating a 365!


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