Birthday Wishlist


As my birthday is just round the corner, I thought I would share some things I would be delighted to receive…


♥ Jewellery is always a winner – this teething necklace, these fish bone earrings, leaf earrings, fan earrings and this honeycomb set are all at the top of the list.

♥ Non-alcoholic/lower alcoholic content wine.

♥ Pretty skirts like this stripey one by oubinov would be very welcome.

♥ Wendy’s new book, Fresh Clean Home, is definitely on my wishlist.

♥ A nice wooden hairbrush.

♥ Giant fizzy bubblegum bottle sweets, liquorice and Swedish candy. Omnomnom!



♥ Some geeky vests for Arthur like this Harry Potter one and this gaming one (9-12 months and onwards!!).

♥ Still on the, things-for-Arthur-that-are-really-things-for-me front – these trousers, these pajamas and bilingual children’s books like this Swedish-English one and this French-English one would be super.

This shirt is just fantastic.

♥ Before Arthur reaches 6 months, I’d like to do some reading on baby and toddler recipes and this book looks perfect.

♥ A crinkle vegetable cutter like this one.


I’m feeling pretty excited to celebrate my birthday with my two favourite people this year. We’re going for a long weekend in Dorset, and it’s going to be perfect. Yay!

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