Week 11, 2019.

For the past few weeks I’ve been mentally making a note of how things are, what we’ve been doing, what I’ve wanted to make a record of, so that I can post it here with minimal effort… This week I’ve not done that. Time has been … Continue readingWeek 11, 2019.

Week 10, 2019.

Last night was one of the worst nights of sleep I’ve had in a long time. Arthur started getting a bit chesty yesterday, which apparently was a precursor to a temperature and a constant flow of snot today. He’s active between, but is already on … Continue readingWeek 10, 2019.

Week 9, 2019.

This week has been a mixed bag. Things are moving along nicely with our house purchase – we’ve had a mortgage appointment with our lender and two meetings with our solicitors. It feels good that we’re still at the stage where we can see/feel progression … Continue readingWeek 9, 2019.

Week 6, 2019.

I started writing a blog post for this week, last week, thinking that I had an inkling of what was to come. I was wrong. Not entirely… But almost entirely wrong. One thing I definitely didn’t envisage was me grumbling to Jack about how I … Continue readingWeek 6, 2019.

Week 1, 2019.

We’re one week into 2019 already – how bizarre is that? I’ve become one of those people who makes small talk with cashiers about the year, or the day of the week… But genuinely, it surprises me. It’s 2019 and I am married with a … Continue readingWeek 1, 2019.

Happy 2019!

Happy New Year!   I wanted to pop by and wish everybody a happy new year, mainly, but also to express my astonishment that it’s 2019 (!! Every year I’m the same, but it has hit me yet again, so here I am writing the … Continue readingHappy 2019!

Arthur is One!

    It happened! Our baby boy turned one year old last Friday, and we got to celebrate his special day with family. I still can’t believe it, but I figure that’s par for the course and will continue all the way up the double … Continue readingArthur is One!

52 weeks of Arthur – week 52

  I have been taking a daily self-portrait for over 10 years now, so when our son Arthur was born it felt natural to start taking a daily photo of him too! I’m picking one photo from each week to share here on my blog.