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It’s actually been a long time since Jack and I visited Bristol together (about 10 months!) so this post is more than a little belated… But all things are better late than never, right? Right! Being huge fans of food and beer (yeah, buddy!), this list is just that – a list of some of the fabulous places we visited, accompanied by photos of the awesome food and/or beer. So, without further ado…


The Beer Emporium


The Beer Emporium is like a wonderful little beer cave in Bristol Old Town – it’s an underground bar serving a huge variety of beers, as well as some tasty food (we only tried the scotch eggs, mind, but the menu looked ace!). Any pub/bar/drinkery offering beer flights gets a thumbs up in my book, but The Beer Emporium had a genuinely delicious selection of beer: Red Sorachi by Gloucester Brewery, Scratch by Red Cat Brewing, Amarillo Sour by Chorlton Brewing Company, Dinner for Eight by Siren Craft Brew, Rodenbach Rosso by Brouwerij Rodenbach, Hazelnutter by Clouded Minds Brewery and my favourite of the evening, Milk Stout by Bristol Beer Factory. Omnomnom!


Unfortunately, the bottle shop was closed when we visited, but it looked a sight to behold! Another big plus to The Beer Emporium was how friendly and knowledgable the staff behind the beer were – they were pretty ace at offering up ideas of beers to try, which is always helpful!


The Loveshack

DSC_5570 DSC_5578 DSC_5581

So, you guys, The Loveshack. The atmosphere was kooky, the patrons and staff were super friendly, the beer selection was pretty good (I only drank an Icelandic White Ale by Einstök Ölgerð, but there were a few other non-mainstream beers), but the thing I need to tell you about The Loveshack? THAT BURGER. GUYS. It was the best burger I’ve eaten in my life, and I didn’t stop telling Jack about this fact. When we next go back to Bristol, I’ll be going to The Loveshack purely to get a burger and make anybody visiting with me have one too. It was AMAZING. Jack had steak, which he assures me was delicious, but you guys, if you visit get the burger. And get me one too.


The only downside to The Loveshack was that we had trouble parking nearby, and the area was a little intimidating at night when we left. That said, there’s some amazing graffiti and like I said, everyone actually inside The Loveshack was lovely. Also, did I mention the burger I had?


Man, now I’m really hungry.


Kongs of King Street

DSC_5539 DSC_5545 DSC_5551

Kongs of King Street is a cute gaming bar – as well as a range of arcade games, they have foosball, ping pong and a superb range of beers. Sadly, we only stopped in on our way through (boo!) so I only tried the India Pale Ale Unkle Funka by Wiper and True, but that beer alone was worth a stop by! (NB: Any fans of pretty label art should definitely have a look at Wiper and True’s packaging.)


Oh, and obviously, arcade games can just speak for themselves, agreed? Moving on…


Pony and Trap

DSC_5365 DSC_5370 DSC_5382 DSC_5386 DSC_5391 DSC_5396

Pony and Trap is the major odd-one-out on this list (!) but there was no way I wasn’t going to include it. It’s held a Michelin Star since 2011 and sits between Bristol and Bath, overlooking a beautiful view of the Chew Valley. The day we visited we were greeted with bright sunshine, so we were pretty thrilled to sit outside and enjoy the scenery!


Every single thing about our experience there was perfect – the wine was delicious, the food was exceptional, the staff were friendly, the scenery made me grin non-stop (I had to take my 365 with the scenery, haha!) and the company was the best a girl can wish for. Fabulous place!


Brewdog Bristol

DSC_5527 DSC_5536

Yeah, BrewDog Bristol! We’re pretty big fans of BrewDog, so we had to swing by BrewDog Bristol. It’s in a lovely location – just by the floating harbour, which we took advantage of photo-wise before we left. It was pretty busy, but still a great atmosphere, especially with the wonderful weather.


We only drank Pilot Brew 011 and Hello My Name Is Holy Moose (both by BrewDog, of course!) but they were both ace. As usual, the bar staff are always pretty good at letting you take a sip before you buy. Rad!




There you go guys! The low-down on the food and drink Jack and I nommed our way through on our jaunt to Bristol. I have a mini-post on Bath coming up too, but unfortunately we didn’t seem to go to quite as many places in Bath! If you decide to visit any of these places, I’d love to hear about it (especially if you try the burger at The Loveshack!). Take care guys, and happy hump day!


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