Christmas in Sweden 2011, part 5 – Pepparkakshus


When I was little, I was awfully jealous of my friend Louise who always made a gingerbread house with her sister and nan. I used to be enraptured by the brightly coloured sweets covering it when it sat on her kitchen table (both before, during and after we took turns eating the roof!). Until 2011, I had never made a gingerbread house…




That said, it would be more fair to say “assisted” in building a gingerbread house, as I mostly got in the way and helped to decorate it. I was thrilled all the same.





As you can see, we substituted hard-boiled sweets (for the windows) with some chewy ones… Unfortunately this didn’t work very well, so we pulled them out and iced some frames on instead!







Tomorrow is my last post about Christmas in Sweden 2011 – a multitude of photographs that didn’t fit into neat categories – and then we’re back to 2012 (just in time, too)!


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