5 Years of Christmas Self-Portraits


… You guys, it’s just one week and one day until Christmas – I can’t believe it! To get myself in the Christmas spirit, I’ve been wrapping presents, writing and sending Christmas cards, and listening to some Christmas songs! I’ve decided to make this post with my favourite Christmas self-portraits from the past few years (barring 2013, as I spent Christmas working, so most of my photographs aren’t all that Christmas orientated!). Click the links below to see the full-size versions of each photo on Flickr – enjoy!

Untitled-13#342 / #288



Christmas Eve / Snow!



Christmas Cuddles / This World Over.



Ice Puddles / Christmas Tree!



Let the moonlight take the lid off your dreams. / Decorating


Phew! This year I’m trying to make lots of my December self-portraits Christmassy, to make up for last year – please pop over to my Flickr photostream for a peek!


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