Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2005 & 2006


For those of you that don’t know, Fairport Convention are my all-time favourite band. As such, it makes a great deal of sense that their festival, Fairport’s Cropredy Convention, is my favourite festival too!


I went to the festival for the first time in 2005, and since then I’ve gone every year (apart from 2010: I was in the wrong country!) and avidly taken photos of the brightly coloured flags, the wonderfully eccentric individuals, the amazing musicians and the general atmosphere of the festival. It’s quoted as being ‘Britain’s Friendlist Music Festival’: everyone looks out for each other, which is a little rare these days. I’ve always gone with my mum and step-dad and taken a friend along for the ride!

As I’ve just finished uploading the photos I took this year to Flickr, I thought I’d take the opportunity to go through the other years and pull out my favourites to remember the awesome times I’ve had… I’m going to do this in a couple of posts: this one is for 2005 & 2006!



In 2005 I went along with my then-boyfriend Rob and we bought a tent especially for the occasion. That tent is the same tent that I’ve used every single year so far..! As it was my first year, I’ve got to admit that I was rather enamoured with the general sights, smells and tastes and as a result I didn’t pay all that much attention to the music (oops!). I do remember, however, that the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain were truly wonderful, and that Rob and I went down to the front of the field for Fairport’s set on the Saturday night. The things I remember the best are that it was extremely rainy for the most part, and that we fashioned some clothes out of bin liners in an attempt to keep dry. We had a lot of fun drinking copious amounts of ale, too!



In 2006 I brought my lovely friend Lucy (after going to visit her in Cornwall with a couple of friends, she came back to stay with me before we went to Oxfordshire!). We spent a lot of time getting to grips with the pretty clothes and jewellery on offer, and I discovered one of my favourite bands ever: Little Johnny England. I also discovered The Rainbow Chasers and was thrilled to see Feast of Fiddles for the second time. I spent a bit more time at the front dancing like a mad-woman and taking photos of the bands, but still spent a fair amount of time dozing in the sunshine.


I’m not sure when I created it, but I administrate the Fairport’s Cropredy Convention Group on Flickr which has some amazing photographs on it, so if you’re interested in seeing more, please head over there!


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