Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2012


As previously mentioned in my posts about Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2005 & 2006,  2007 & 2008 and 2009 & 2011Fairport Convention are my all-time favourite band and I look forward to their festival Fairport’s Cropredy Convention all year round! When I recently returned from the festival, I decided to take the opportunity to remember the awesome sights and sounds by making a couple of posts: this one is for 2012.



In 2012, I was once again joined by the lovely Holly. The line-up was super and featured: Bellowhead; Squeeze; Richard Thompson; Morris On and Fairport Convention!


Much akin to in 2011, I spent more time exploring the shops and food stalls than I did in front of the stage: I actually didn’t get to the front of the stage even once this year (!) and took barely any concert photos. This was partly due to the fact that I no longer have a lens appropriate for concert photography… In December 2011 I bought my D700 (I wore the shutter out on my D60 and had to buy a new one quick-sharp!) and I have a 28mm and 50mm for it. I took a couple of token shots of the stage (my favourites being of Morris On and Bellowhead) but focussed more on photos of the crowd and atmosphere.



It was good fun taking photos of things other than musicians, but I did miss hanging over the barriers and being in the midst of the crowd whilst the performances were happening! I’m hoping to have a good concert lens ready for next year’s Cropredy, but until then I think I’ll have to watch the BBC documentary about Fairport Convention – Who Knows Where the Time Goes?


I’m not sure when I created it, but I administrate the Fairport’s Cropredy Convention Group on Flickr which has some amazing photographs on it, so if you’re interested in seeing more, please head over there!


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