Customer Service Praise – Hahnel

So far this year, I’ve managed to break and lose a vital component to my tripod head (which I replaced rather swiftly) as well as having the remote control for my camera stop working. Both of these failures were a bit of a shock to the system, as I use them both on a daily basis. Being forced to use other surfaces as tripods and going back to hand-held shots/the timer function was an interesting experience!


Whilst a great deal of cameras (read as “all of the cameras I’ve previously used”!) use an infrared remote system, the D700 (my current camera) does not. The remote control that I use is made by Hähnel (this is the specific one). It is part of a two-part system 10-pin system: a hot-shoe mounted receiver and a remote control. As the remote control was the only part of the system that stopped working, I hit the internet looking to replace just that… Unfortunately, whilst you can replace/buy additional receivers, I couldn’t find anywhere that stocked the actual remote controls.


I decided that if anybody knew where I’d be able to get hold of a replacement remote control, it would be Hähnel themselves, so I sent a quick message through their contact page and received an extraordinarily swift response. They offered to send me a brand new remote control, free of charge. I’m dead-chuffed, to say the least.


Thank you Hähnel!


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