Days 190-196: Y9/Y5

I’ve decided to condense my 365 projects into one post, rather than a separate post for the selfies and non-selfies. I often feel like I end up repeating the same things about what I’ve been up to… Which makes sense, seeing as the photos tend to be related! So, here’s my rather belated post of photos from the 3rd of September through to the 9th of September.



Day One Hundred and Ninety / Year Five.



Day 190, Year 9.



Day One Hundred and Ninety One / Year Five.



Day 191, Year 9.



Day One Hundred and Ninety Two / Year Five.



Day 192, Year 9.



Day One Hundred and Ninety Three / Year Five.



Day 193, Year 9.



Day One Hundred and Ninety Four / Year Five.



Day 194, Year 9.



Day One Hundred and Ninety Five / Year Five.



Day 195, Year 9.



Day 196, Year 9.



Day One Hundred and Ninety Six / Year Five.




So, the week began in Somerset. We spent a rather rainy Saturday enjoying a delicious lunch at The Coach House at Kentisbury Grange (yum!). In the evening we played board games tucked up in the cottage, which was marvellous. On Sunday we made our way back home via Spoke & Stringer in Bristol, for coffee, breakfast and a sneaky pastry each to take away! The evening saw a lot of kitty fuss, a glass of wine and some collapsing in front of the television…


Monday I was straight back into placement – the past two weeks have been an ungraded placement, where we got to just get stuck into midwifery, which was pretty grand. As usual, the first shift left me shattered, but content. The rest of the week was split between recovering from a night shift, visiting family, getting odd jobs done and doing more shifts! I got to work with an amazing midwife who completely restored my faith in what I’m doing – believe me, from time to time I have doubts – and has given me something to strive for.


If I’m honest, that’s exactly what I needed during this placement, and it couldn’t have been more timely, coming at the end of my first year. Hurray!


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