Days 197-203: Y9/Y5


I’m sitting here at my desk, late on a Monday morning after having gotten a substantial amount of preparation done for the week of lectures ahead of me. There’s a pelvic floor quiz on my desk, a half-full V60, a certain ginger cat on my lap and a bunch of to-do lists of DIY projects to tackle when the weekends roll around. I decided to open up my blog and do a post of 365s from the past week and opened up this draft post to realise that I’m still a week behind… Oops!

My first week back at university has been that slow kind of intense. All of the expectations of the next year are weighing heavily on our minds. We had our first skills session as second years last week, complete with our two-stripe epaulettes. It feels like the biggest responsibility. Getting to meet some of the first year students last week was the weirdest experience, too. I guess we’ll all get used to it?



Day 197, Year 9.



Day One Hundred and Ninety Seven / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Ninety Eight / Year Five.



Day 198, Year 9.



Day One Hundred and Ninety Nine / Year Five.



Day 199, Year 9.



Day 200, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred / Year Five.



Day 201, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and One / Year Five.



Day 202, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Two / Year Five.



Day Two Hundred and Three / Year Five.



Day 203, Year 9.


I already feel at a bit of a loss of what to write about this week of photos – I try to write descriptions below the photos when I post on Flickr to prompt me to remember… But I’m so behind on uploads, homework, blog posts and life, that I’ve not been doing that so much recently! (Another thing for me to catch-up on at a later date!) But, here we go…


♥ We bought a KitchenAid and it is amazing! We waited until the following weekend to use it together, but I’m so glad we got it. Just seeing it looking all handsome and shiny on the kitchen side makes me smile.

♥ I had my final two shifts for my first year and they were both relaxed and calm. I got to get some more experience in theatre, which made me feel more confident (theatre isn’t my favourite place, so I feel like the more experience I got there, the more I will feel at home there!).

♥ We ate our first cucamelons this week, and they’re pretty darn tasty. I’m keen to grow them again next year, if we can!

♥ I met up with Charlotte for the first time in months and months, and it was so lovely to have a catch-up with her. Despite her being my best friend, we aren’t super at meeting up with each other, but when we do we always make up for lost time! We had pancakes, went shopping and Ginger basically painted her in his fur – I think he approves (it was the first time they met each other!).

♥ I took my favourite SP in a long time (the face paint one, of course!). It was nowhere near how I imagined it in my head, but photos rarely are these days.


Well, there you go. The 10th – 16th September as I can remember it..! Hope you enjoyed the photos – take care folks!


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