Days 211-217: Y9/Y5


Another week has flown by, and somehow I still haven’t managed to get up-to-date with my photo posts… Doh! This is mainly because of the fact that I’ve been trying to cram far too many things into my week, and being back on placement has drained me of energy – on Wednesday night I actually fell asleep during GBBO (!) because I was so tired.


Today I have a day of rest, however, so I’ve been giving the flat a good ol’ clean, as well as trying to play catch-up with university work, my blog reader, Getty submissions, and well, having a bit of a rest!



Day 211, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Eleven / Year Five.



Day Two Hundred and Twelve / Year Five.



Day 212, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Thirteen / Year Five.



Day 213, Year 9.



Day 214, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Fourteen / Year Five.



Day 215, Year 8.



Day Two Hundred and Fifteen / Year Five.



Day Two Hundred and Sixteen / Year Five.



Day 216, Year 8.



Day Two Hundred and Seventeen / Year Five.



Day 217, Year 8.


So, that week was a pretty rad one – time spent baking, saw my best pal, went cycling with Jack, Laurence and my ma, played card games, played Civ V, visited Brewdog to say farewell to Bags, had a week of lectures, visited the NHM to take photos for SU2016 and started settling into Autumn… Phew-ee!


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