Days 218-224: Y9/Y5


I’m feeling all sorts of calm and content today, no doubt owing to the fact that I’ve had three days off of placement in a row (a rarity!) which I’ve spent being productive, as well as spending quality time with Jack and Laurence. It all adds up to make a pretty happy me!


Day Two Hundred and Eighteen / Year Five.



Day 218, Year 8.



Day 219, Year 8.



Day Two Hundred and Nineteen / Year Five.



Day Two Hundred and Twenty / Year Five.



Day 220, Year 8.



Day Two Hundred and Twenty One / Year Five.



Day 221, Year 8.



Day Two Hundred and Twenty Two / Year Five.



Day 222, Year 8.



Day 223, Year 8.



Day Two Hundred and Twenty Three / Year Five.



Day Two Hundred and Twenty Four / Year Five.



Day 224, Year 8.


This week was my first week back on placement as a second year. In some ways I feel like I still know diddly-squat… And then I surprise myself about how much I do know! I had a few wobbles this week, but they all resolved themselves with the support of all the lovely people around me. Hurrah!


The weekend was spent having a lovely time – on the Saturday, Jack and I met Laurence in London, we cycled to the Natural History Museum from Fenchurch Street, had a jolly wander around and then had afternoon tea at the¬†Podium Restaurant at the Hilton, Park Lane. After getting a bit damp in the rain, we cycled over to The Dovetail in Clerkenwell for a few drinks before making plans for an evening of board games! We went to Laurence’s via ours to pick some bits up, and then played Chaos in the Old World until silly o’clock…


On Sunday morning, Laurence and I met my mum at the swimming pool, and swimming lengths is a pretty awesome way to wake up, if I’m honest. 60 lengths later, I was ready for my morning coffee and Laurence cooked us a delicious breakfast spread back at his house! As lunchtime was swiftly rolling around, Jack and I made a move to go grocery shopping and weekend chores (whoo!) as well as getting a bunch of DIY jobs sorted.


The rest of my week was spent between placement, meeting up with West, going to IKEA, visiting my gran and my mum, tidying the flat, trying to get up-to-date with my Getty submissions (one day I’ll actually succeed!) and playing video games. Rad, rad, rad!


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