Days 225-231: Y9/Y5


In an effort to actually catch-up with my daily projects, I’ve worked my way through the photos from the past week and have actually got them ready to share with you today. Whoop! So, here’s my daily photos from the 8th to the 14th of October…


Day 225, Year 8.


Day Two Hundred and Twenty Five / Year Five.



Day 226, Year 8.



Day Two Hundred and Twenty Six / Year Five.



Day 227, Year 8.



Day Two Hundred and Twenty Seven / Year Five.



Day Two Hundred and Twenty Eight / Year Five.



Day 228, Year 8.



Day Two Hundred and Twenty Nine / Year Five.



Day 229, Year 8.



Day Two Hundred and Thirty / Year Five.



Day 230, Year 8.



Day Two Hundred and Thirty One / Year Five.



Day 231, Year 8.


The week began with a long, but lovely, shift between two wards. I didn’t get a lunch break, so ended up leaving a tad early to come home to Laurence and Jack cooking me dinner. We drank wine, played board games and video games, and generally had a relaxing evening… I was pretty grateful for the low-key evening after the day I had! The rest of the weekend saw more video games, a bunch of chores and more hanging out with my two favourite guys. Yay!


The rest of the week saw work on placement (which I’m really enjoying right now!), playing violin, attempting to use Reaper for the first time, tidying the flat, spending a day in London for a photo-date with West, some delicious cocktails, my first visit to see the major of Scaredy Cat Town, editing a bunch of photos for Getty, revising some basic midwifery skills, playing Divinity and making a start on buying Christmas presents… Phew.


So, there you have it – I’m not long back from a long shift today, and I’m wondering what I’ll shoot for todays 365s… The flat smells amazing because Jack has cooked us a roast dinner (the best thing to come home to after 13 hours on your feet!) and I’m ready to curl up with him and the kitties. Hope you’re having a grand weekend whatever you’re up to!


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