Days 239-245: Y9/Y5


This past week has been a little trying, so I’m feeling a little on the “less words, more photos” side of blogging, today. So, here come the photos…


Day Two Hundred and Thirty Nine / Year Five.



Day 239, Year 9.



Day 240, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Forty / Year Five.



Day Two Hundred and Forty One / Year Five.



Day 241, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Forty Two / Year Five.



Day 242, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Forty Three / Year Five.



Day 243, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Forty Four / Year Five.



Day 244, Year 9.



Day 245, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Forty Five / Year Five.


Monday morning I go back to university and my current placement will be finished. I keep meaning to post about university and placement – to talk about how things are in the realm of learning midwifery… But it’s a bit of a tricky one. This last placement has been my favourite so far, but it has sure been difficult!


Anyway, the last week saw us play board games, bake a Black Forest Gâteau (SO good!) and I started the Bad Witch Workout. Placement happened, I wrote an e-mail to somewhere I would love to do my elective placement next summer, I finally thought of something to dress up as for the LAN party and we made a start on our costumes. I did a lot of working out (due to the Bad Witch Challenge!) and I had an afternoon of suturing at university (on a cow’s tongue – a surreal experience).


A weird week.


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