Days 253-259: Y9/Y5


Why hello Friday, lovely Friday! I’m feeling good to be out of lectures bright and early today – it means I can make an early start on an assignment, get a bit of tidying done and get this post online before the sun goes down… And even better yet, as Jack’s working from home today I get to sit next to him and have a natter while we work!


This post features photos from the 5th of November through to the 11th of November, starting with the LAN party and ending on a fundraising night out with Jack and some of the ladies at university! Here goes…


Day 253, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Fifty Three / Year Five.



Day 254, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Fifty Four / Year Five.



Day Two Hundred and Fifty Five / Year Five.



Day 255, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Fifty Six / Year Five.



Day 256, Year 9.



Day 257, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Fifty Seven / Year Five.



Day Two Hundred and Fifty Eight / Year Five.



Day 258, Year 9.



Day 259, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Fifty Nine / Year Five.


The bi-annual LAN party is something I always, always look forward to – definitely one (well, two!) of my favourite events of the year! I’m going to post some more photos from this one at some point soon, but for now there’s just the four… Late Sunday night we drove back home because I had a 9am lecture on Monday morning (boo!) which cut our gaming time quite a bit (hiss!) but there we go! The rest of the week was fairly homely – I spent my time in lectures or at home with Jack (who had the week off) until Friday night when we went to a local fundraiser some girls at university were throwing for their elective placements abroad.


I’m feeling pretty pleased with the dotty face art photo – when I took it I didn’t particularly like it all and nearly removed the paint to try out another idea… I’m glad I didn’t! Always goes to show that I never know how my ideas will progress, or even how I will feel about a photo off-camera or post-editing..!


Happy Friday, loves – hope you have a grand weekend!


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