Days 267-273: Y9/Y5


Good evening chums! I’m feeling pretty happy today – I’m doing my November photo an hour post (oops, left it until the penultimate day of the month!) and have had a pretty productive day thus far. I actually have dinner in the oven already (a slow cook casserole which I have big hopes and dreams for…) which is not a usual occurrence for me!


Anyway, here are the weeks photos from last week – the 19th to the 25th. Enjoy!


Day 267, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Sixty Seven / Year Five.



Day Two Hundred and Sixty Eight / Year Five.



Day 268, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Sixty Nine / Year Five.



Day 269, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Seventy / Year Five.



Day 270, Year 9.



Day 271, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Seventy One / Year Five.



Day Two Hundred and Seventy Two / Year Five.



Day 272, Year 9.



Day Two Hundred and Seventy Three / Year Five.



Day 273, Year 9.


I spent Saturday daytime with Jack, mostly tidying the flat and getting odds and sods sorted. In the evening I went out for cocktails with my university ladies before Jack picked me up en route to his folks’ house to stay the night. We had a few drinks with his folks and sister before giving in for the night around 3am… Which of course meant that we were a little slow to get up the following day! We managed to pull ourselves out of bed in time to walk across the way to meet lots of lovely people for a delicious Sunday dinner, before driving back home to Westcliff in the fading light.


The week was full of revision sessions for me, really. We have a big ol’ exam in January which I am not looking forward to at all, and there’s a lot of work to get done for it! We had a mock exam on the Thursday, which can attest to exactly how many mountains of knowledge I need to stuff into my brain between now and then. Here’s to hoping I can do it..!


Aside from university, I managed to finally respond to Dave’s photo tennis photo for our Angle Shot project (it’s been nearly three months now, gah!), I just managed to finish my blog post on water birth and on Tuesday night we went to our local folk club to see Dansmall, which was a treat. I’m hoping to make a post with some photos from the evening at some point soon, but with my time management as it usually is, the post might be more likely to arrive in November 2017. Another treat was Friday night, Gilmore Girls and wine – Jack and I spent a good chunk of time with Lorelai and Rory, though we aren’t on the current season like everyone else! (No spoilers, please and thank you.)


Phew! Hope you’re all grand and are enjoying the last few days of November while it’s still here… Take care, folks!


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