Days 295-301: Y9/Y5


Now that we’re the other side of Christmas, looking at these photos taken the week leading up to Christmas… It feels like they were taken long, long ago!

Day 295, Year 9.


Day Two Hundred and Ninety Five / Year Five.


Day Two Hundred and Ninety Six / Year Five.


Day 296, Year 9.


Day 297, Year 9.


Day Two Hundred and Ninety Seven / Year Five.


Day Two Hundred and Ninety Eight / Year Five.


Day 298, Year 9.


Day Two Hundred and Ninety Nine / Year Five.


Day 299, Year 9.


Day Three Hundred / Year Five.


Day 300, Year 9.


Day 301, Year 9.


Day Three Hundred and One / Year Five.


We had an absolutely marvelous week – we got to see a whole bunch of wonderful folk, I got to do a family photo shoot with Hillery and Dom, saw Rob and Lauren briefly at Hiller’s before going home, we went to see St. Agnes Fountain in Maldon, we met my mum and step-dad in Basildon to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we had a Christmas present exchanged with Laurence, my┬ádad, step-mum and nana (with a big pile of pizza!), we finally got both of our cars serviced, we went into London to finish our Christmas present shopping, met up with Caroline and Nori for a present swap, went to Ally’s leaving party at Picturehouse Central, I finally made those citrus ornaments and on the Friday night we went to the annual Christmas meal at The Oak. Phew!


Right now we’re at Rob and Lauren’s house having a marvelous time playing computer games and board games and generally having a good ol’ relax with some of our favourite folks, drinking yummy drinks and eating delicious food. Hurrah!


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