Decembers Past – 2010


Here’s another look back to a December past… 2010, to be precise!


DSC_0013282.05.12.2010 DSC_0010


We had one of those rare and wonderful white Christmas’, which went down a treat with me and my camera. I didn’t enjoy travelling to work in it, but looked forward to weekends of photography!


DSC_0141 DSC_0112 DSC_0078DSC_0098


Barnabee really enjoyed having adventures in the snow too, so I had a rather distracted, but none-the-less adorable, model for a fair few photos.


Caroline and I sold our wares at a winter craft fayre, I met up with some of my favourites for a Christmas meal, played a bunch of board games, ate too much food, licked some icicles (!) and generally enjoyed the wonder that is Christmas. I remember being overjoyed to get time off of work to see family and friends; I wasn’t overly fond of the job I had at the time… So it was extra special to relax at Christmas!


Hope you’re all having a grand week so far and are looking forward to the coming days – I’ll be back on Thursday with a winter-y list of love, so see you then!

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