Fairport Convention Winter Tour 2014


On the 27th of February I went to see my favourite band, Fairport Convention, at the Assembly Hall Theatre in Tunbridge Wells.






This isn’t an unusual occurrence, as I’ve seen them at Tunbridge Wells every year since 2006! Furthermore, I usually manage to see them about three times each year as Fairport Convention, as well as seeing some of the members performing in other bands and guises. Edwina Hayes was supporting them this year, and she joined them for a lovely rendition of “Who Knows Where The Time Goes?”.





This year was a particularly unusual one, however, as Dave Pegg (the bassist) severed a tendon in his left-hand and was unable to play (!) so his son Matt stepped in and deputised for him. I’m happy to report that Dave’s tendon is now healed and he’s ready for the spring tour, which starts in May.





It was absolutely marvelous to see them, as per usual, and I really enjoyed hearing the new material they’ve been putting together. I’m also still loving the “new” addition of Chris Leslie playing the banjo to Matty Groves – so good!


DSC_5816 DSC_5823


(Obviously I have to have photos with them whenever I see them, and the silliest ones are always the best. Ric tends to win on the silliness contests..!)


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