Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2014 – The Wonder Stuff


I’ve already shared photos of Fairport Acoustic Convention and Joe Broughton’s Conservatoire Folk Ensemble with you from Fairport’s Cropredy Convention 2014. Now it’s the turn of my new favourite discovery…


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The Wonder Stuff are brilliant, and I don’t know how it took them performing at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention for me to discover them. How comes nobody told me about them?! If you already know their music, then I’m holding you personally responsible for not having told me all about them!


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A week or two before Cropredy, I looked up as many of the artists as I could to listen to their music, to get myself in the mood (something I do every year!). When I listened to The Wonder Stuff, I knew I was going to love them and I was definitely looking forward to seeing them perform more than anyone else (aside from Fairport Convention, of course..!). They didn’t disappoint and I loved every second of their set (and stayed in front of the stage, jumping about and wiggling for it’s entirety!). Love!


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Suffice to say, I would recommend listening to some of their music – my favourite is definitely “Welcome to the Cheap Seats” (isn’t that video amazing?!), but I’m also very fond of “Oh No!” (and I love that video, too!), “Friendly Company”, “The Size of a Cow”… Okay, yeah, all of their songs really. Yay!


I have Fairport Convention’s Saturday night set to upload this week, and then just August’s Photo an Hour post to follow (in September, I expect!) and that will be Cropredy over until next year..!


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