Gift Ideas – Best of the Rest!

This is an amalgamation of items that I think would make lovely gifts! I’ve already made posts for the feline fanciers, photography fiends and library lovers.


♥ I have featured Shovava’s beautiful shawls on my blog before… And I’m sure I’ll feature them again! They are so gorgeous.

♥ La Cravette Duchenne make the cutest, bright, colourful jewellery! I love this feather necklace and this fox brooch, but actually I pretty much love everything in the entire shop..!

♥ The Milk and Honey shop has the most amazing silverware. My favourite is this “nom nom” spoon (!) though unfortunately they’ve closed until January… Something for next year, perhaps?

♥ Pollen Arts makes stunning candles. I love this set featuring the god Pan and this antique key set.

♥ Cung Yung makes intricate jewellery containing dried flowers and plants; jewellery for faeries! My favourite has to be this pretty, cream one.

♥ I think these animal totems by Le Animale are perfect gifts for any animal lover! The choices are pretty much endless – Le Narwhal, Le Fennec Fox, Le Bat

♥ Every single necklace in the Epuu shop is beautiful. I want them all!

♥ I’ve been looking at moon phase calendars for 2014. My favourites are this one by Rendij, this one by Design by Detail and this one by Original Lunar Phase.

♥ This cloud bread board by Snug Studio is so adorable!

♥ Neener Neener nails make loads of amazing nail varnishes – I love this Electric Rainbow Neon Glitter one!


I hope these lists have given you a couple of ideas! What’s on your wishlist this year?


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