Gift Ideas – Feline Fanciers

Having some trouble thinking of the perfect gifts for the cat lovers in your life? I’m only too happy to help…


♥ I love this tote bag by Cat vs Human – it reminds me of this photo! Also from Cat vs Human – this t-shirt is pretty much perfect for me and a whole bunch of humans I know… I quite like the simple black t-shirt but it does come in a hoody and long sleeved t-shirt too!

♥ I think this hand-painted mug from the Three Little Cats Shop is adorable. They have lots of cat-themed goodies…

♥ What about giving someone teeny, tiny kittens that they can put all over their nails?

♥ This purse by DooDesign has to be the sweetest little kitty purse in the world.

♥ This hand embroidered wooden hoop of tiny cats by Gala Born is very cute!

♥ “Tiger Milk” by Stacie Swift is equal parts adorable and awesome. I love that it reminds me of Belle & Sebastian’s debut album. Yay!

♥ Leggings covered in cats?! Definitely.

♥ This t-shirt features both an adorable cat and a tankard of beer. What more can you ask from a t-shirt?!

♥ This curious cat necklace by Boogiecat is simple but awesome.


Have you seen any cat-themed goodies on the internet that I’ve missed? Let me know!


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