Greetings from our lovely new home by the sea..!


Hello friends!


It’s coming up to a week of tumbleweed here – things have been absolutely manic as Jack and I navigate the ins and outs of owning our home, decorating it, DIY-ing it and sorting out all of the bits in-between. We had new carpet laid today in two rooms and the stairway, we’ve nearly finished painting our living room, and we’ve made a lot of progress in pretty much every room (the bathroom is untouched for the moment!). It’s been exciting, stressful, panic-inducing, tiring and hard-work… But I’m so ridiculously happy to wake up in the same place as Jack every day that it’s completely worth it. We’ve made our own versions of the same mistakes that most people make when they move into their first home, as well as some more special ones of our own (the past week has been like a comedy sketch/cartoon!)… But we’re laughing about each and every one of them within seconds because neither of us are particularly good at being grumpy, to be honest. It’s definitely a good way to be in these situations!


Tomorrow is our “real” move day – our bed, white goods, sofa, and such will all be arriving… And my PC, too! So hopefully, I’ll be posting some new posts again pretty swiftly (including some photos!).


Hope you’ve all been having a grand week, and are enjoying January as much as we have been. It hadn’t really occurred to me before, but it seems like the perfect time to move home right now, with all the anticipations of fresh starts and new beginnings. Be kind to yourselves for the rest of this week, and remember to keep laughing at your silly mistakes, too..! Take care lovelies!

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