Marvellous Hannahdoodle Eye Mask


Since I started working nights, I’ve had a bit of a rough time getting sleep. Sleeping during the day is annoying for various reasons: everybody else is awake; if you’re in a densely populated area it’s noisier; unless you have black-out curtains it’s hard to sleep during daylight hours and your natural body clock says “NO!”. The only one I’ve successfully surpassed is that of blocking out daylight.


I’ve been meaning to get hold of an eye mask of myself for a while. The idea appealed to me even before I took up care work, but definitely became a need, as opposed to a want, as soon as I had trouble sleeping (I cease to function on little sleep, and become rather grouchy!). The first thing I did was search on Etsy, to find something that was equal parts cute and functional. As you may well be aware, Etsy is the best place to find handmade items, especially of the cute and quirky variety. After deciding I wanted to buy British, I quickly discovered the adorable owl and fox eye masks made by Hannahdoodle.


Hannahdoodle is run by Hannah, an artist who says she’s inspired by “nature, games and the simple things around me”. All of her creations are really sweet, as you can see above! I particularly adore her multi-coloured barn owl felt necklace – so cute!




When I received my eyemask, not only was it wrapped in the most adorable wrapping paper (also, note the sparkling string!) but she’d also sent me a lovely cat card to say thank you for the order, too! D’aww!




I am absolutely over the moon with the eye mask, especially as it’s so darn cute, as well as being functional! It fits me perfectly, and has been absolutely wonderful to use during the daytime when I’ve been recovering from night shifts (but is perfect for wearing at night, too!). I strongly advise having a gander at the fabulous eye masks and other delights over at Handmade by Hannahdoodle!


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