Happy 2019!

Happy New Year!


I wanted to pop by and wish everybody a happy new year, mainly, but also to express my astonishment that it’s 2019 (!! Every year I’m the same, but it has hit me yet again, so here I am writing the same words!).


2018 has been a bit of a roller coaster for our family. Getting to know Arthur and learning all about him has been the most magical time – he’s grown up so fast, and has such a big personality already! He’s still the happiest baby, super inquisitive, kind and a fearless explorer. Celebrating his first birthday felt surreal, but right, though it feels a bit odd to voice the words “we have a toddler”. The three of us have travelled together, made lots of memories on our seasonal bucket lists and spent increasingly more time in the moment – something I want to do lots more of in 2019, and one of my reasons go blogging less and less often of late.


So yeah, 2018 has mostly been good to us, but three A&E visits (the third of which was on Christmas Day) were unwelcome and alarming, as have been a few other things (mostly financial situations). In some ways it’s nice to draw a line under 2028, but a lot of the “bad bits” of 2018 are following us into 2019… So we’ll just have to ride them out for a bit longer.


Take care folks – I hope 2019 treats you well.

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