Head in the Clouds.


My latest submission for The Teleidoscope is called “Head in the Clouds” (for the theme “Clouds”). I used blue, white and black face paint to create a cloud scene on my face (and some cotton wool around my shoulders and in my hair!), but wasn’t happy with the overall look of the photograph until I altered it in Photoshop… Here’s a little look into how I altered the original image.




The first image is straight out of the camera without any editing and the second is the minimal editing that I usually do (in this particularly instance it was altering the saturation and cropping the image slightly). The third has a couple of extra changes, as you can see in the detail shots below…




Next up, changing the plain white background to something a smidgen more dramatic!




I used a variety of layers, cloning and dodging to create the background and try to make the cotton wool look fluffier and more natural. The image on the left shows the background layered over the portrait (which is why it is lighter than both the original and the final image). I also cropped these two image to fit in with the background and to create a more personal feel. The background clouds are from this photo.


I hope you enjoyed seeing the progression from the original photograph to the final image!


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