Tumbleweed & Year 8

You guys.


I finally uploaded day 1 of year 8 today (as well as day 1 of year 4), after taking a Flickr hiatus for over a month (!). As an attempt to explain – I simply didn’t feel like putting myself out there… Sometimes it’s quite stressful to think about what I’ve shot recently, try not to replicate previous images too much, to take a “good” photo that other people will like (versus a dwerpy one of me and someone I love) and the knowledge that anybody wandering past my Flickr page can see these images that I’ve chosen to put out there. Also, I was toying with the idea of uploading my images here and not on Flickr, but even that didn’t appeal to me too much. I kept taking the photos and shuffling them onto my hard-drive, occasionally peeking at them (I’ve printed a couple of them for scrapbooking) but mostly feeling disinterested in the whole process of editing them, tagging them, putting them on-line and going through the sets/groups/comments rigmarole. It was quite satisfying to take the images, know that they were safely backed-up in several places, and then go and do something else (who knew how much free time I could create by not editing photos?!).


Many of you are aware that the past few months my work life has been stressful and a bit manic – I’ve made some changes there, and I’m start to feel like everything else is falling into place a little better. The past weekend I got to spend some time with some of my favourite people, and I just feel like I’m ready to tackle everything with a bit more ease… Including editing and uploading my photos.


So here we are. Say hello to year 8 (and year 4)!

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