LAN party – Autumn 2016


Every six months my friends Rob and Lauren hold a LAN party. This autumn they threw the LAN party in their new house, in time to coincide with a hallowe’en house warming party. Obviously, this was a grand excuse to dress up like the weirdos that we all are! I took way too many photographs, as usual, so I’ve tried to cut it down to the best ones. Here goes…




On Saturday morning we all got our PCs set up, ready for some gaming! This year the games on our list were: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Depth, L4D/2, NAS2, The Ship & Sonic All Stars. I also got in some games of Battlerite with Jack and Luke, as well as a smidgin of Cook, Serve, Delicious!



On the Saturday night we went for a quick jolly out of the house and up to Halton Castle to play with sparklers. I also grabbed a couple of bokeh-y silhouettes with the pretty lights below…



Sunday was the last day of the LAN for most of us – so it was the day of the group photo! This time round my tripod was actually on the other side of the road for the photo… The rest of the day was spent playing a few games before packing up, and then we played some board games!


So there you have it, the autumn LAN party 2016 in photo form! If you fancy a gander at any posts/photos from previous LAN parties, click here.

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