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If you’ve been reading for a while, you may be aware that I had laser eye surgery over a year ago. I thought it might be useful to re-cap on my experience, now that a year has gone by since I made the big decision to have it done, and let you all know how I feel about that decision now that all this time has passed.




First things first: I didn’t enjoy wearing glasses. I also didn’t enjoy wearing contact lenses. This is mostly a vanity issue but not entirely…

  • I use my camera on a daily basis, and I use the viewfinder on my SLR to take photos. Glasses: they constantly press up against my skin/eyelashes and the lenses get greasy and smudged. Contact lenses: I plain ol’ didn’t get the same vision with contact lenses as with glasses, so it would be a guessing game as to whether a photograph would actually be in focus… Which isn’t that grand.
  • As you’re probably aware, I used to be a morris dancer. Contact lenses are great for this, but glasses really aren’t – they have a habit of flying off of my face when doing particularly energetic jumps. Ugh. This isn’t a big reason for me now (I haven’t danced in a long time!) but it did factor at the time.
  • If you’re a glasses-wearer you’ll be familiar with this one – steaming up. Oh boy, sod wearing glasses when you’re doing physical exercise/cooking…
  • The do-I-buy-prescription-sunglasses-or-wear-contact-lenses-with-off-the-counter-sunglasses-or-shall-I-just-squint? conundrum.
  • Carting contact lens paraphernalia around whenever you’re travelling. Or, if you’re me, carting around a pair of glasses to go with the individual outfits you’ve packed… Heh.




Added up, this issues get pretty annoying. Knowing the amount of money I spend on “pretty” glasses and contact lenses, I knew that going for the plunge with surgery would be a big up-front cost, but would be worth the money in the long run. Providing, of course, that the surgery worked out the way that it was supposed to…




… And it did. Over a year later, and my eyesight is pretty darn awesome. I can drive without glasses/contact lenses, and don’t have any kind of prescription (no reading glasses, etc). I have to admit, that I don’t think I would have taken the plunge if my friend Anna hadn’t already been-and-done-it – I got to ask her a variety of daft questions and see how well it went for her, before booking myself an appointment with the same folks that she used (Optical Express, in case you’re interested!). I had an appointment with them just this week, and they told me I have >20/20 vision and have signed me off of special appointments, to regular ones. Whoop!




The procedure itself was a little intimidating, but it was explained in detail to me beforehand, and all of the staff were friendly and professional, so I felt safe and comfortable with my treatment the whole time. As far as it was explained to me, my post-op healing was fairly vanilla, so I just used eye-drops as-and-when, and attended all of my post-op appointments in good time (and did all the things they told me to, and none of the things they said not to do! By which I mean; not rubbing my eyes, avoiding daylight for the first day, not going swimming until it had healed, etc).




I know that laser eye surgery isn’t for everyone, but I can say without a doubt that it was definitely the best decision for me. I feel more comfortable and confident in my day-to-day life (elaborate eye make-up a-go-go!) and I’m pleased I got it done. If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them as best I can, so please feel free!


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