Life lately…


We’re over halfway through February, and I’m now nearing the halfway point of this academic year. It feels simultaneously like I just started at university a month ago, like I’ve been studying midwifery forever and for barely any time at all, like I’ve learnt tons and yet I have so much to learn!


February itself has been ridiculously intense – decorating the flat, driving to and from university (driving is not my favourite activity, and the A130 is definitely not one of my favourite roads!), studying non-stop at university and at home, getting ready for my second placement, beginning work at my second placement… Two thirteen hour shifts in a row (!) threw my brain into a massive funk, and I’m still recovering a little.




Thankfully, Jack is the most amazing human being in the world, and has been keeping me chirpy throughout. I have a tendency to panic when things get tricky, or threaten to get tricky, and he’s the best at telling me to calm down, dust myself off and get on with it.




So, the flat…


Our living room is basically done – we need to buy curtains and a curtain rail, when money permits we’ll grab some more furniture and we want to hang some art, but aside from that (!) it’s looking pretty rad.




Our kitchen is half-painted, half-unpainted, full of boxes, computer equipment and pieces of furniture that will end up in our study, but until the study is finished, they’re taking up residence in the kitchen. The half that is painted is making me feel pretty happy – it looks clean and tidy and wonderful. We haven’t managed to get a plumber round yet, so it will look a lot less messy once our dishwasher and washing machine are plumbed and hidden away!




Our study is rather bare but the walls are looking nice and smoooo-ooo-ooooth. My step-dad has been working like a trooper in there whilst Jack, my mum and I attack other parts of the flat! We’re ready to put a base coat on soon enough, whoop!




Our bedroom has been half-painted, but the addition of a carpet has been wonderful. We’ve got two hanging rails, mismatched drawer units, half-unpacked suitcases, boxes, bags and who-knows-what on the floor, but our bed is ridiculously comfortable and I’m happy with the slow progress. We’re trying to get things decorated in an order that will allow Barns and Ginger to join us the soonest, and as a result the bedroom is near the bottom of the list right now!




Our hallway and bathroom are essentially untouched right now – not on our list of priorities! (Like the bedroom, they’re not very important for cat arrival!)




As for everything else: the results I’ve received so far tell me that I’ve aced my first class (yeah!); I witnessed my very first birth (!!); I got lovely feedback from my first mentor; we’ve been cooking lots of delicious meals; I saw my first c-section; I’m still very much in love with midwifery and more importantly, Jack bought me a huge pile of cheese for valentines day (so living with me hasn’t scared him off and we still love each other the most!). Hurrah!


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