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Now that we’re over halfway through October, it’s starting to feel a little like we’ve just crested the top of a roller-coaster, in terms of the imminent arrival of our baby… The past few months have plodded along, but now time seems to be picking up pace somewhat!


October has been good to us so far – we got the networking done in the flat that we’ve been planning since we moved in, I’m halfway through my first placement of the third year without any mishaps, I had my first yoga lesson, we celebrated 30 weeks gestation, have successfully kept our sourdough starter alive (as well as baking our very first sourdough bread) and started to get some bits and bobs ready for the baby’s arrival.



The third trimester has proven to be a bit tricky so far, just as everyone says it is! Thankfully, pregnancy has been kind to me for the most part, and both baby and myself are healthy and bumbling about just fine. Obviously, a lot of day-to-day life is taken up with baby preparation, baby talk and the realities of being pregnant, but I’ll save all of that talk for a third trimester post instead of throwing it all down here.


As always, placement has got me feeling completely knackered. I’m working at the hospital at the moment, which means 12 hour night shifts or 13 hour day shifts… Ouch. I can’t wait to finish this placement as a result, even though it’s been fairly enjoyable. My next placement is in the community, which is a bit more flexible in terms of hours!



Otherwise, we’re slowly but surely decorating and tidying up the last few bits in the flat that we want to get done before baby arrives, eating far too many mince pies and enjoying snuggling up in front of the television together (our favourites right now are Twin Peaks, Silicon Valley, Suits and The Apprentice).


I hope October has been treating you well so far, too!

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