Link Round-Up


These stones that Diana Fayt painted for Lisa Congdon’s wedding are beautiful! Want to see more of her work? Go here!

I really enjoyed reading this thought-provoking article by Kameron Hurley: We Have Always Fought: Challenging the ‘Women, Cattle and Slaves’ Narrative.

This metallic manicure is lovely!

Mike linked me to Grabbin’ Peelz this weekend and I thought it was ace! (Though, it really won’t make sense to anyone that hasn’t played L4D/2!)

I want a Fancy Donut Party. Anyone with me?

Presenting the most beautiful bookends in the world. Swoon!


We’ve spent a lot of this weekend decorating and getting things done round the house. It seems strange to be getting back to my Sunday evening routine, ready for the working week ahead! Hope you’ve had a good weekend and have enjoyed the sunshine, too!


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