Link Round-Up


All of Emily Martin’s work is fantastic, but look at this gorgeous bear playing a mandolin! Too cute for words (I love his trousers, don’t you?).

Hannah Hayes made a post about the beautiful papier-mâché models by Louis Thomas Jérôme Auzoux. Swoon!

Martin Millar (one of my favourite authors) has released a new book, Thraxas and the Ice Dragon! Unfortunately it’s only available via ebook, which counts me out for the time being (I’m not buying one until I’ve read all of my unread books!) but I’ll be looking forward to reading it, anyway.

I’m after some new hair accessories and I think this polka dot bow is right up my street! I already have one of Janine’s awesome headbands, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting more… Maybe this 8-bit bow would be a better choice?


What have you been loving on-line this week?


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