Link Round-Up – “Douglas Firs!”


♥ Malin sent me the link to this amazing spoof music video called “The Fox” by Ylvis.

♥ Twin Peaks inspired knickers? Yes please!

♥ I want a cake like this! (From this party on Augnablik.)

♥ This plaid skater skirt by entryfive is adorable.


♥ Agent Cooper quotation earrings? Yes please!

Lee Borthwick’s mirror installations are AMAZING. (Via DesignLoveFest.)

♥ I love these Moomin washi tapes in olive green and brick red. So cute!

♥ I love the atmosphere in this photograph by TheWallPhotography.

♥ I think this duvet set is gorgeous.


It’s a pretty Twin Peaks inspired week this week! I’m down in the West Country at the moment, mostly wishing I could still be watching Twin Peaks with Dave! The weather is quite gloomy and I find myself wanting hot chocolate and several blankets… I think Autumn is here!


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