Link Round-Up


♥ This Milkmaid Braids hair tutorial by Keiko Lynn is wonderful! I especially love how Tessa’s blue hair mixes with her blonde hair throughout the braids. Gorgeous!

♥ I like this explanation of cat drool.

♥ Brooke Shaden’s new image “The Almost Circus and Invisible Audience” is absolutely stunning. Read her blog post about it here.

♥ Marvelously-Marbled Citrus Cheesecake?! Want!

♥ Elsie and Emma’s 30-day Self-Portrait Challenge looks super fun! Whilst I am doing a slightly longer version of the project, I’m joining in with the fun. Anyone else game?

This Vintage Girl’s shop on Etsy is great! My favourites are the Boho Floral Maxi Dress, Red Maxi Floral Dress and Brown Polka Dot Dress. So many pretty things!


This week is going to be made of crazy for me, but the anticipation is keeping me on my toes..! Hope you’re all well and enjoying your weekend!


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