Link Round-Up


♥ Classical Sculptures Dressed as Hipsters is as fabulous as it sounds.

♥ Brain in a Jar, the lovely game developers who let us use their studio for our LAN parties, have created a Kickstarter for their new game OpenWheel. Take a look!

♥ This story about Dryococelus australis is wonderful.

♥ I love the idea of these DIY Photo Playing Cards!

♥ Beautiful Dr Martens! (“Strawberry Thief” – how good is that?!)

♥ This hand-lettered Jack London quote by Lisa Congdon is beautiful.

♥ These Thank You Cards by BLOW are pretty awesome.

♥ Laonato is a really sweet shop on Etsy full of beautiful things. I adore the triforce necklace and earrings (of course!) and the woodland necklaces are gorgeous, too.


We’ve been enjoying Midsommar shenanigans this week (extra delicious food and drink, not to mention seeing lots of lovely people!). I hope you’ve enjoyed welcoming the Solstice too!


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