Link Round-Up


Nubby posted about the WordPress Back-Up to Dropbox. It sounds too good not to try, so I’m having a go with it for the next month or so. I currently use FileZilla, which I’m pretty happy with, but having access to more back-ups is always a reassuring feeling!

♥ Gala Darling linked to Allanah’s amazing art journal project and it is amazing. Gala’s post has a bunch of really beautiful pages from it. Swoon!

♥ I’m on a Billie the Vision and the Dancers kick at the moment. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last listened to them properly (though they’re still my third most-listened-to artist on, which shows how much I love them)! I need to get hold of While You Were Asleep!

Kaylah’s post full of photos of baby bunnies is way too cute to be missed. AW!

♥ Louise Dartford, a fair trade make-up artist, did a guest post on the People Tree blog about fair trade beauty products. I particularly like the look of Essential Care’s lipstick line.

These ombre tights by meefa on Etsy are gorgeous! I love the bright colours.


I can’t believe it’s the last day of June today – July next week! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!


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