Link Round-Up


♥ Why cats love boxes – yup.

♥ I have to say that these caramelized onion and gruyère biscuits sound absolutely delicious. Omnom!

♥ I’m hoping that this fishtail braids tutorial will help me in my quest to tame my hair.

♥ If I’d known about Skellie I would have joined Instagram sooner…

♥ These blood orange margaritas look fabulous!

Adding a bit of sparkle to accessories seems like a grand idea!

♥ These quotation mark bookends are really cute.


Whoah! February! I’ve had yet another crazy-busy week, but I know that my workload is going to start to peeter out as February turns into March, so I’m looking forward to that! Also, despite it being a busy one, this week has been pretty fabulous – hope yours has been just as grand!


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