Link Round-Up


♥ I really like this list of compliments that aren’t about physical appearance. We should use them more often!

♥ Did you know that the lava lamp was now 50 years old last September?! Here’s a video showing how they’re made… (Via A Truly British Family.)

♥ I love these amazing mandalas by Lula Aldunate! I’ve been wondering whether I have enough ideas to start a new photography series using them as prompts… I hope so!

Discover Your Donut Doppelganger! (My favourite is definitely the freckles/sprinkles!)

♥ I love the weekly nail over on The Dainty Squid this week. The yellow spots are very cute!

♥ The bright colours of this dress are gorgeous!


Wow – it’s June already!  This week has had some major sore points so I’m happy that it’s done and dusted, and I’m ready to move-on to June and the summer weather (please stay with us!). Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend!


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