Link Round-Up


The prettiest brooch!

♥ I’ve not tried a clay mask before, but I think this one by Bloomtown Botanicals would be a good one to try for the first time.

♥ I really enjoyed reading Kaylah’s post listing reasons to start geocaching. It’s been on my to-do list for awhile!

♥ Mmm, this list of 25 vegan and vegetarian slow cooker recipes is making me super hungry.



♥ Such lovely postcards!

♥ I wish I could get a pair of just the cats from this ghost earrings set

♥ ShineShack UK make some amazing body and face glitter – I love this blue one!

♥ We had this chicken & chorizo ragu for dinner last week and it was delicious (even better, there was plenty of leftovers to freeze too!).


Happy October, friends! Today and yesterday have mostly involved a lot of drilling, bashing, wire-cutting, measuring… Jack, Laurence and my dad have been working hard to sort out networking in the flat ready for the baby (we currently have a networking cable creating a bit of a trip hazard up our stairs!). It’s very nearly finished, and it has made me ridiculously happy already!


I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend too, though perhaps a little less noisy and dusty (!) enjoy the links and take care folks!

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