Link Round-Up


♥ This: essays that we, as ladies of early middle age, would like to see written*. Bahaha.

♥ I’m pretty fond of Kate’s new “Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth” patches. Aren’t they cute?! is pretty useful… And interesting!

♥ Who else wants to see a recipe for autumnal fig and pear jam? Yum!

♥ Emma wrote about her thoughts on creativity; “being creative is a process and not a destination“.01

Rich McCor transforms photographs with paper cut-outs..!

♥ Franca posted a recipe for orange and lavender shortbread and I had a go at the recipe this week – yum!

♥ These motivational temporary tattoos are pretty darned awesome (via Hannahdoodle).

♥ This veggie-dense chili recipe on Create/Enjoy looks delicious.


November! Hello! How did you get in here?!


This week has been another long, exciting, scary and exhausting week, if I’m honest. This autumn is taking it out of me..! This week coming is my last week in lectures Monday to Friday, as the week after I will finally start my first clinical placement. I am ridiculously nervous about it, but obviously I’m really looking forward to it, too. Anyway, I hope you guys are looking forward to the rest of November (!) and have had a fabulous weekend whatever you were up to!

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