Link Round-Up: Happy Hanukkah!


♥ Kate bought the most amazing, cat-friendly menorah and DIY’d it to suit her pastel aesthetic. How cute?!

♥ More Hanukkah fun – this has to be the best Hanukkah card I’ve ever seen!

♥ Alexandra Franzen asks the question “What would love do?”, and I pretty much love her for it:

So the next time you’re scared, stumbling, or second-guessing your instincts, simplify the whole scenario. Just ask: What would Love do? And there is no confusion.


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♥ The most epic self-promotion ever made in the history of photography – this photographer created 400 action figures to send out as promotional material. Whoah!

♥ This shawl is gorgeous!

♥ Is this, or is this not the best sweatshirt in the world? I think it might be.

♥ Brooke has written about Finding Inspiration & Motivation in the Face of Adversity… And I can relate well to many of the sentiments she expresses!

Have you ever felt that way? As if the bad day you’re having, or month, or year, will be the thing that ends all sense of art in your life? […] When I started photography I often felt frantic. If I wasn’t creating every single day, I felt anxious. I felt as though I would never be able to take a good picture again. I felt as though I would be irrelevant and somehow fall off the artistic bandwagon.


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♥ The cold weather has got me craving a hot water bottle, so I’ve been browsing for covers – how gorgeous are these three: one – two – three ?!

♥ Kaylah is hosting a giveaway with Team Kitten – one lucky person will win three cute prints! Check out the quirky Team Kitten shop right here.

♥ I think this leather, feather necklace is fabulous.


Phew! November was a pretty epic month -I can’t believe that it’s December 1st already! I hope that all celebrating have had a good thanksgiving and likewise are having a Happy Hanukkah! It’ll be Christmas before we know it..!


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