Link Round-Up

♥ I love the Little Things Studio Etsy shop – so many cute designs!

♥ These hand-lettered hankies are so sweet. I love the floral designs, and the caligraphy is beautiful.

DIY mandarin votives? Yes please!

♥ These hydrangea hair clips are so dainty and sweet.

♥ This spirit decanter set is so smart. Wouldn’t it be grand to have a home bar with them?!

♥ I’m loving the Melissa Scalloped Jumper on People Tree – such a pretty pattern.

♥ I think these ombre log coasters are adorable.


Phew, February so soon! This week has been a bit of a strange one for me – I was supposed to be off of work until Saturday but I ended up covering shifts during the week as well as working the weekend! I feel like I haven’t really gotten much time for resting recently, but I’m driving back to Essex early next week for some time to myself. I’m planning on having a big clear-out (!) once I’ve rested, mind… Hope you’ve all had a good week!


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